Coming in Summer 2017


Caveat is…

a place where science is funny, history comes with a beer, and ideas meet art for a memorable night out.

a place where bright minds tackle the question “What is Life?” over delicious appetizers.

a place where a first date is shared over a mind-blowing talk on astronomy and a sprawling selection of wine and beer.

a place where you test drive a talk at an open mic, and stay to catch a thought-provoking late-night comedy set.

Coming Summer 2017.

Pitch your ideas

The Mission

At Caveat we believe that an evening out can be both smart and fun; that public talks can be transformative experiences; that there is craft and skill in bringing ideas to life, and we’re dedicated to making that vision a reality.

We’re creating a place where any night of the week you can come and have a fascinating experience with friends, colleagues, and strangers. There will be talks about science, literature, and art; discussions of politics aimed at bridges, not shouting matches; recreations of history where the audience guides the decisions, and all with wine, beer, food, and company.

And if you’re a creator, a speaker, a performer, then Caveat will be a place you can come to work on your material and be part of a community raising the bar on the public discussion and experience of ideas.

The Space

Located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Caveat is a 110 seat cabaret-style theater that hosts conversations, comedy, art, music and more.

Menu coming soon–expect a range of beers, wines, and delicious foods.


Open 7 nights a week, every evening features an array of unique events and live performances that aim to tickle your intellect.

Happy hour
Mingle with like-minded drinkers in a smart & silly environment. As you enjoy some snacks and booze, we encourage you to contribute ideas that will help shape our growing community. Chat with friends and strangers, hear talks that are “in the works,” or get on stage yourself!
Prime Time
Watch lectures by leading thinkers. Hear interviews with artists, politicians, and culture-makers. Enjoy comedy by today’s smartest performers. See something brilliant and totally unexpected.
After Hours
Stay late to join a post-show discussion of Prime Time programming, or to see our latest experiments in smart comedy, music, and art.

The Community

We have a vision of a community that loves thinking–a group that relishes open questions and uncertain conclusions. For these people we want to create a social space where thinking is fun, and entertainment is not hollow.

Discussions that start in the theater continue online through a series of thought-provoking podcasts, videos, livestreams, and commentary. The site is updated regularly, so you’ll never run out of engaging ways to explore the big ideas.

Have a talk you want to give? A show you want to host? Want to be involved in some other way? Sign up here to let us know about yourself and get updates on opportunities:

The Team


Ben Lillie

Ben is a physicist turned storyteller turned event producer. He is co-founder of The Story Collider, a former TED writer, and a Moth StorySLAM champion.

Food & Beverage Ninja

Miguel de Leon

Miguel is a wine and restaurant professional originally from the sunny shores of California but is now undeniably a fast-walking New Yorker. Catch him in SoHo at Pinch Chinese. Learn more here


Josette Hammerstone Huber

Josette created Adult Night Life programs at the Franklin Institute and Philadelphia Science Festival. When not producing things you can probably find her in New Jersey with her husband, daughter, three cats (don’t judge) and dog.


Kelly Reidy

Kelly Reidy is a science communicator and a rogue researcher of theoretical physics. In her spare time, she writes ukulele songs about, among other things, love and mathematics. Learn more here


Caitlin Shure

Caitlin is a writer, science communicator, and doctoral candidate at Columbia University. Her current research traces the cultural history of “brain waves.” She’ll gladly provide a summary when you have a minute (or thirty). Learn more here

Web Designer

Maryam Zaringhalam

A molecular biologist by trade, Maryam is leaving the Ivory Tower to head to the swamps of D.C. as a science policymaker. She also makes websites like this one. Learn more here