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Thu Nov 16 // 7:00 pm

In Search of the Flat Earth

Presented by Caveat

Colin Dickey will discuss the history of the Flat Earth conspiracy, from its early inception in the nineteenth century to its current manifestations. One of the stranger conspiracy theories to grip the popular imagination is the notion that the Earth is in fact flat, and that this truth is being kept from us by a network of “globalists,” “roundheads,” and other government flunkies. Learn about Zetetic Astronomy, the mysterious man known only as “Parallax,” the utopian Flat Earth community of Zion, and many other strange secrets of the hidden, flat world. Most of all, learn how and why this particular belief has persisted despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, and what the debate surrounding the Flat Earth says about the current state of scientific discourse and understanding.


Doors: 6:30

Show: 7:00

Tickets: $12


Colin Dickey is the author, most recently, of Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places, as well as two other books of nonfiction. He is the editor (with Joanna Ebenstein) of The Morbid Anatomy Anthology, and regularly writes on the history of science and its intersections with fringe belief and derelict ideas.



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