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Mon Sep 25 // 7:30 pm

Metropolis Ensemble presents: Interactive Theater: Vladimir Nabokov’s The Waltz Invention

Presented by CAVEAT

Metropolis Ensemble presents:

Interactive Theater: Vladimir Nabokov's The Waltz Invention with newly commissioned original music by The Brothers Balliett

A performance-party where audience-members get to play a part in reenacting Nabokov’s oddly prescient 1938 drama of a demagogue holding the world hostage, all set to live original incidental music.

Doors 7:00pm, Event 7:30pm

Vladimir Nabokov's chilling and oddly prescient tragicomedy The Waltz Invention tells the story of a political madman who holds a mythical country ransom with threats of a powerful weapon of mass destruction. In turns both disturbing and hilarious, the play presents a cast of eminently human characters who struggle with the question of how to behave when a dangerous demagogue takes control of the government.

For the first time, audiences have the chance to experience the power of Nabokov's writing by taking direct part in the action! The Brothers Balliett (twin brothers Brad and Doug) host this unique and innovative performance-party in which attendees take on the dramatic roles, reading parts with their fellow concert-goers alongside experienced actors.

How does this work?

By changing the cast with every scene and providing clarifying commentary and synopses, the Brothers will guide attendees into Nabokov's world by allowing the audience to become the actors — all set to newly-composed incidental music, performed by Grammy-nominated musicians of Metropolis Ensemble, a contemporary chamber orchestra based in New York.

Metropolis Ensemble is a dynamically evolving 21st Century orchestra. Dedicated to creating a future for classical music that is of and for the time we live in, Metropolis Ensemble’s driving force is its conductor and founder, Grammy-nominated conductor Andrew Cyr. Metropolis Ensemble through its unique collaborative process, exists to support ascending contemporary classical performers and composers, often engaging them with other bleeding-edge cultural innovators and artists. Frequently collaborating with artists who defy classification, like Questlove, Deerhoof, Emily Wells, Ragnar Kjartansson, Metropolis Ensemble has been presented by Creative Time, The Met, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Tanglewood, The Wordless Music Series, Celebrate Brooklyn, and BAM.

Composer/director: Brad Balliett

Composer: Doug Balliett

Artistic director: Andrew Cyr 

Saxophone: Cole Belt 

Violin: Siwoo Kim 

Trumpet: Brandon Ridenour