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Fri Oct 27 // 9:30 pm


Presented by Caveat

Monotony! is the only show inspired by the mundane and finding humor in the trivial. Writers, comedians, and storytellers will take their passion for dull, the ultraspecific and the tedious and turn it into captivating and hilarious presentations. Topics will range from the science behind urinal cakes, the history of the rubber duck, to a comparative analysis of sailing knots. So come take a break from the titillation of modern life, and soak in the Monotony!

Hosted by Raj Sivaraman, a Jeopardy! runner-up, writer, comedian, and Ph.D. scientist. He has performed in several festivals all over the country and presented his research at as many international scientific conferences. He also once asked out Kate Middleton on a date, and she no-showed. But he's married now, so guess it worked out for everyone.

This month:

Negin Farsad (Muslims are Coming!)
Joe Zimmerman (Conan)
Alingon Mitra (Colbert)
Mike Drucker (Bill Nye Saves the World)
Carolyn Busa (Side Ponytail)
Sally Brooks (SeeSo)

9:30pm. Tickets $8, $10 at the door. 21+