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Sun Sep 17 // 6:00 pm

NYC Salon: Two Year Anniversary Edition

Presented by NYC Salon
NYC Salon is a speaker series that aims to be "TED with friends". Two years ago we started inviting people with novel insights or interesting projects in art, economics, science, technology, and comedy to give talks about their work and process, and have been meeting every other week since then. Engaging deeply with the material and getting to know other attendees is a core principle of NYC Salon, so after each talk, we break up into small groups and workshop topics related to the talk. Our speakers have gone on to give talks at TED, the UN, and at the World Bank. Our goal is to create opportunities for spontaneity, collaboration, and life long learning.
In our special two year anniversary edition salon, we're turning NYC Salon on its head and giving you the chance to tell us what you want to hear talks about. Submit your questions here. In turn, we'll have former speakers, future speakers, and community members share their thoughts about the big questions our community is thinking about.