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Mon Jan 08 // 8:30 pm

Pass the Flamingo: The Cuisine of Ancient Rome

Presented by Caveat

Sure, we’ve all heard about the Ancient Romans; their buildings, their literature, their Empire. But what about their food? What would a Roman Emperor serve at his banquets? What was a decent meal to a Roman soldier, farmer, or senator? Did the Romans really eat dormice, and did they really relieve themselves in a “vomitorium” afterwards? (Short answers to those last two questions: yes and no.)


Join history and food educator Andrew Coletti on a journey through the Ancient Roman foodscape. We’ll sample recreated Roman delicacies, play a game of Name That Spice, and examine art, archaeology and literature to uncover the Roman love affair with food.


Doors: 8:30

Show: 9:00

Tickets: $10 (includes food samples)



Andrew Coletti is an educator who has consumed everything from duck brains to Mesopotamian barley beer. He holds a Bachelors degree in Classics from Bard College and a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education. You can find him teaching classes on ancient food (and sharing some) at the Brooklyn Brainery and around New York City. Follow his culinary experiments on his blog, Pass the Flamingo

(@passtheflamingo on Instagram and Twitter).





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