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Fri Dec 01 // 6:00 pm

Pregame Your Brain: 500 Women Scientists

Presented by Caveat



Get some post-work drinks in your face, and some brand new knowledge in your brain!

Several stations of experts on the week’s theme will be set up around the bar – grab a drink, and choose your own adventure. Each expert has a 10 minute speed-lesson, so you can get the basics or go deep.  Each week features experts on a different topic, so come back next week for all-new stuff!


Hosted this week by 500 WOMEN SCIENTISTS

Hey guess what - if you google "famous scientist", here's what you get:

Enough with the dudes, am I right? WHERE MY BADASS LADY SCIENTISTS AT??

We've invited the organization 500 Women Scientists to host this Pregame. There will be 5 awesome women scientists (only because we can't fit 500 in the bar), each doing a 10 minute interactive speed-lesson on a kick-ass woman scientist you REALLY need to know about.


Ciara Bagnall-Moreau
Doctoral Candidate in Biology- Neuroscience subprogram
CUNY Graduate Center/ The City College of New York


Straight Shots- No Chaser: metabolic labelling analysis

Learn about the amazing life of biochemist Marie Maynard Daly- the first black woman to receive a PhD in chemistry!





Anna Willoughby
Research Assistant/Disease Ecology/EcoHealth Alliance

Time Flies:
What do flies, placenta, and food coloring have in common? Come learn about Lynn Riddiford's research in entomology and comparative endocrinology as we explore how insects metamorphosize.




Elena Giorgi

PhD student in Mathematics at Columbia University

Maryam Mirzakhani: Iranian mathematician whose impact went behind revolutionizing the study of geometry:  she was the first woman to ever been awarded the highest recognition in Mathematics, the Fields medal.



Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Research Assistant, physics department at City College, working on protein electrostatics and computational structure determination in human kinases, which are commonly implicated in tumor formation.

Margaret Hamilton, the inventor of the term "software engineering", was a trailblazing woman in technology whose genius for robust software design saved the 1969 moon landing. Through reliving one heartstopping moment in the Apollo 11 mission, you'll learn just why she was so important and how her ideas left a lasting impact in almost every facet of our lives today.


Susan J. Eddington
Ph.D. Candidate, Media Psychology
Fielding Graduate University

Picking Favorites: Media, Meaning Making and Consequences

The research of Mamie Phipps Clark and her husband Kenneth Clark and the BoBo doll experiment.

Have you ever wondered how people determine favorites? Have you wondered how some people hold attitudes and opinions that are contrary to evidence or seem illogical? Join me to learn how it could happen to you, too.




First 100 tickets include a free drink!    EVENTS ARE 21+ UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED