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Fri Sep 22 // 5:30 pm

Pregame Your Brain – Body Talk

Presented by Caveat

Get some post-work drinks in your face, and some brand new knowledge in your brain! First 100 people to buy a ticket get a free drink!  

Learn quick new skills and science-based party tricks from experts that will make you the coolest kid at the party wherever you end up this weekend. Several stations of experts will be set up around the space - grab a drink, and choose your own adventure.  Each week features experts on a different topic, so come back next week for all-new stuff! 

This week's theme: Body Talk

Wish you could read minds? Ok, we can’t teach you that. But we CAN teach you to read body language, and it turns out thats almost the same thing. 

We’ve gathered experts from all different areas of body language reading. They’ll each lead 15-minute “downloads” through the evening - teaching you a specific part of what they know, and a skill, fact or trick you can put to use this weekend! 


Kate Bredbenner - "I know what you did this summer - you TANNED" (lesson includes looking at your skin under a microscope). Kate is a scientist who studies HIV at Rockefeller University by day then makes YouTube videos by night. She's passionate about science communication and is constantly looking for ways to connect scientific research and society. You can find her online at SimpleBiologist.com or learn about current biology research on her YouTube channel https://youtube.com/SimpleBiologist.

Bess Stillman - "The Physiology of Desire". Learn how to tell if someone's into you just by looking at them - and how to control your own physiological response so no-one knows you like them. We'll take pulses, measure pupil dilation, and see if anyone here is attracted to you. YOU MIGHT GET LUCKY. Bess is a writer,  doctor and integrative wellness coach living in NYC. You can find her online at BessStillman.Com

Caitlyn Johansen - "Dancing makes you a better lover". Learn how partner dancing syncs your bodies - and get a couple sweet moves in the process. Caitlyn is a dancer, performer and yoga teacher in NYC