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Fri Feb 09 // 6:00 pm

Pregame Your Brain – The Science of Beer

Presented by Caveat



Get some post-work drinks in your face, and some brand new knowledge in your brain! Several stations on this week’s theme will be set up around the bar – grab a drink, and choose your own adventure.   Each week features a different topic, so come back next week for all-new stuff!


This week – The Science of Beer


You love chugging a cold brewski, or savoring a carefully brewed craft beer - but do you know the science you're sipping? DELICIOUS SCIENCE! 

We'll have experts many different aspects of Beer Sciences stationed throughout the bar with 10 minute speed-lessons for your brain, and 10 different beers on tap...also for your brain. 


Tickets: FREE WITH ADVANCE RSVP,  or $5 at the door



Rachel BoutonDon't Get Sloshed! The Fluid Mechanics of Foam

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to walk around without spilling a foamy beer versus walking around with a regular cup of coffee? Have you ever wondered why? To solve this everyday physics phenomenon, Science Friday will walk you through the fluid dynamics of foam, so you can get sloshed, without getting sloshed. 

Rachel  is the events manager at Science Friday, where she produces geeky science events all over the country. Her top professional accomplishments include sneaking live cephalopods into an event in San Francisco and procuring a cheese plate for her personal hero, Margaret Atwood. In addition to her work at SciFri, Rachel has the very strange (but very fun) job of improvising musicals at The People’s Improv Theatre with her team Vern and she can also occasionally be found dressed up like an astronaut, narrating planetarium shows about the moon at the American Museum of Nation's History. Yes, she does have her own moon suit. @RMBouton
Evie Alexander: The Science of Beer with Evie

It’s not just alcohol and fizz you’re drinking, come learn about the microorganisms that make wonderful liquid bread!

Evie worked in microbiology research for 5 years, and is now teaching 8th - 12th grade sciences at a private school in NYC. Her science background, taste buds, and curiosity kicked in after realizing that most beers are NOT Miller and Bud Light. She now brews her own beer, knows her beer style, fearlessly tries out the newest beer fads, and speaks about yeast and bacteria strains as though they were her own family.


Karen KuhnFighting Food Waste One Beer at a Time
Toast Ale brews award-winning craft beer with surplus loaves from local bakeries that would otherwise go to waste and pours 100% of profits into charities fighting food waste. We'll teach you how we're applying an ancient tradition to a modern problem.
Karen joined Toast Ale in August 2017 after four years at a health-tech startup in NYC. Throughout her career, she’s focused primarily on internal operations, talent acquisition, and learning & development, but her passion for sharing the Toast story has most recently led her to take on business development efforts at Toast USA.

....and more!