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Fri Feb 16 // 6:00 pm

Pregame Your Brain – The Science of Sex

Presented by Caveat



Get some post-work drinks in your face, and some brand new knowledge in your brain! Several stations on this week’s theme will be set up around the bar – grab a drink, and choose your own adventure.   Each week features a different topic, so come back next week for all-new stuff!

This week – The Science of Sex

Whether your V-day involved tons of sex or none at all, stop by this week's Pregame Your Brain for all the answers to your sex questions. How long does prairie vole sex last? What do we know about ancient humans' sex lives? Why did that thing happen the other night?* LETS TALK ABOUT SEX (SCIENCE) BABY! 

*Please just ask your doctor, Pregame Your Brain experts are not necessarily medical doctors. 


Doors 6:00pm.
Tickets FREE WITH ADVANCE RSVP,  or $5 at the door.




Momo QuinnKinks and Fetishes! The scientific origin story

Kinks run the gamut--you name it, it gets someone going.  But where do our kinks come from and why? Is it a reaction to factors of society like culture, religion, or community?  Why are some kinks more prevalent in certain countries than others? What are the most common kinks? Join me for all of these answers and more!
Momo Quinn is an interdisciplinary sexual health advocate and performer with a background in comedy and activism. She has spent the past ten years working in sexual health education and sexual violence prevention, most recently focusing on Columbia University's Sexual Respect Program and strategic planning for gender equity work within the City. She is also a participant on a podcast, Sit On It, featuring women of color discussing dating, sex, and other such tomfoolery. In her free time she performs at standup and storytelling shows, and nerding out with Junot Diaz books.

Margit Westerman Don't Phuck Yourself With Phthalates: Learn tips and tricks for shopping for your next vibrator to make sure you get something high quality and body safe

Margit Westerman is the Director of Growth for Unbound, a sexual health and wellness company. Prior to joining the sex tech industry, she worked in political advertising, most notably for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.




Emma Kaywin - But Why Trigger Warnings Though? Trauma 101 and Why We Should All Understand How Trauma Works in the Body
Dealing with trauma is incredibly difficult, but learning about it doesn't have to be! Come chat about the kaleidoscope of safeguards your body and brain has in place to protect you from harmful events, and what that means for behavior and healing. I promise you will NOT be triggered by this chat.
Emma Kaywin is a sexual health educator with a background in HIV, an interest in smashing sex-related stigma, and a belief that communication is the best lubrication. She was the sexual health columnist for Bustle for two years, ran patient education programs for HIV+ patients and staff as part of her role at Mount Sinai's Institute for Advanced Medicine, and is currently working toward a doctorate in health education at Columbia Teachers College. Meanwhile, she's teaching workshops on consent and trauma all around Brooklyn and in DC. 
Bricken Sparacino and Michael Birch- The Birds and the Bees Do it (and so does everyone else) Test your knowledge of the sexual behaviors of the animal kingdom and solve the mystery of some the planets most bizarre courtship rituals.
Bricken and Michael are the founder and member of Conservation Theater- who's goal is to use theater to inspire people to care about the world around them and take conservation action. A combination of fun and science. Bricken brings 13 years of zoo experience to her work. www.conservationtheater.org



Leah Golubchick - What Do Monkey Dicks Tell Us About the History of Love? Take a closer look at the evolution of primate pairings and genitalia and figure out some anthropological tips for picking up your next date. 

Leah Golubchick is a Program Manager and former Anthropology Educator at the American Museum of Natural History. She studied cultural anthropology while at CUNY Brooklyn, Museum Leadership at Bank Street College and received an informal education by heading professional anthropologists through social situations. In her spare time she enjoys starting fights on the internet, researching elaborate fan theories about television, and giving science talks in bars - including Sexology on Tap and Biology on Tap, coming soon to a bar near you. 
Christina NewkirkOysters Down in Oyster Bay Do It 

Aside from being the food most often associated with sex, oysters are remarkable creatures, capable of filtering millions of gallons of water per year and building structures the size of coral reefs. In the 19th century, over a billion oysters could be found in New York Harbor. Where did they go? How do we get them to come back? How does an immobile creature without a brain reproduce? Answer all these questions and more at this interactive presentation about New York's Billion Oyster Project!
Christina is a conservation biology educator at the American Museum of Natural History. Originally from Chicago, she studied English at the University of Iowa and got her masters in Environmental Conservation Education at NYU. In her free time, she enjoys obsessing over musical theater, playing board and video games, and picking up free swag at various NYC festivals. 


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