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Fri Sep 08 // 9:00 pm

Versus: Ecology vs Psychology

Presented by CAVEAT

An interactive debate show unlike any other.

Your hosts Meg Pierson, Zak Martellucci, and Dustin Growick lead a rotating cast of special guest experts in a battle royale of serious—and not so serious—topics. Who will come out on top? Dinosaurs or mammals? Biology or physics? Space or oceans? Chock-full of trivia, games, and prizes, the show will conclude with the answer to an age-old question. The winner is up to you, as audience endorsements and YOUR vote will ultimately determine which team is crowned champion of Versus.


Guest experts Phil Torres and Vanessa Hill!

Bugs or brains? Insects or instincts? Come hear about the mysteries of cognition, the beauty of ecological webs, and the epic brawl to see which is best.

Check out Phil Torres videos here -->

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