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Sun Dec 10 // 7:00 pm

YouTube Jukebox

Presented by Caveat

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That part of the party where everybody takes turns putting on YouTube videos, but at a bar, and on a huge screen. Hosted by Haley Sacks (Above Average, YouTube)!


How it works:

1. Bring your friends

2. Get a beer

3. Write your video on a card to request

4. When your card is picked, get on the mic and introduce your video.

5. Have your mind blown by everyone's best vid picks




No videos with more girls than cups

No Mr. Hands, ever ever again.

Our tech will preview videos to ensure no abusive or overly offensive content

5 min max - Vid will be cut off after 5 mins (you can specify start time). That makes us nicer than the Oscars.



Haley Sacks is a Creative Social Producer in NYC. She has over 500,000 views on her Youtube channel and is currently launching a millennial finance blog. Follow her @MrsDowJones.